After providing your name and e-mail address you will be e-mailed what you requested. If you selected the daily devotion, you will be e-mailed four-days a week a link that will take you to the day’s devotion, the day’s reading in the KJV. and an optional daily Bible study  If you selected the weekly Bible View newsletter it is usually e-mailed on Monday.

The goal and purpose of both websites ( & is to help people read the Word of God on a steady basis and to learn something from their reading.  Although many may not choose to read both devotions, the option will be available to the reader.

This ministry’s  concern is that you read the Word of God and have it’s wisdom to guide your life as God would have you live it.  One can do that by knowing and obeying what is preserved for us in the Bible.

I hope this ministry is a blessing to you.

Sincerely Serving the Saviour,
Bill Brinkworth