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He Made It All
Three Heavens
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Volume: 956     May 6, 2024
Theme: Creation

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He Made It All
Bill Brinkworth

Genesis, the book of beginnings, started with an answer to a question most have.  The popular queries are, “How did life start?  How did all the first plants and animals get here?  Where did we come from?”

Many try to explain the Earth and its origins with their logic.  The explanations go from “a star blew up, and that is how it all started.”  Others offer, “Chemicals got together and over millenniums changed the form accidentally to a more complicated lifeform, then over billions of years developed into the plants, animals, and people we have today.

In 1806, Professor Lyell claimed that 80 geological theories were “hostile” to the Scripture account at the time.  There are far more today.

All the opinions have no proof to explain the theories.  Scrutinizing those explanations soon reveals no credibility for any of those suppositions.  A lot of speculation and assumptions fill the gaps where proof is non-existent.

God knew we would wonder about our origin and ensured that mankind would have accurate answers to our questions.  All that is on the Earth was not here by millions of accidents.  Simple life forms did not evolve into more complex beings.  God created it all!

The Bible documents the beginning of Earth and all that resides on it.  One can read how God created all that we are and see.  He did it all in six days, not billions of years that current “science” claims.  Genesis One explains it all:

Day One: In the beginning, the Earth was dark and without shape.  By God’s words, the dark and shapeless mass was lit up.  Although He created day and night at this point, there was no sun or moon to give that light.  (Genesis 1:2-5)

Day Two: The Earth was surrounded by water.  On that day, God separated the Earth from the waters.  He called the dividing space a firmament (the heaven where birds, clouds… are found).   (Gen.  1:6-8)

Day Three: On that day, God separated the waters under the sky further.  That division revealed dry land whereplant life He created thrived.  (Gen.  1:9-13)

Day Four: In the heavens, God created the sun to give light in the day and the moon to provide light at night.  It was on this day He also made the stars.  (Gen.  1:14:-19)

Day Five: On the fifth day, God created life in the waters, including the whales and all birds.(Gen.  1:20-23)

Day Six: Now, Earth was able to support animal and humanlife by the sixth day.  There was water, breathable air, and food to support the animals and man He created.  (Gen.  1:24-31)

Although there are numerous theories about how Earth and all on it came into existence, all the ideas boil down to two ideas.  J. Vernon McGee defined them as speculation and creation.

”Speculation” encompasses all the theories, none of which have solid proof.  How can people know how it all began?  They were not there.  Besides, the theories change from day to day, person to person, and few agree with each other.

Even inventions that supposedly measure vast amounts of time can not be trusted, as no one knows for sure how accurate they are.  How old would man’s machine declare a rock on the first day it was made?  It takes faith in mankind to believe what is claimed to have occurred, which is not very reassuring and reliable.

Creation also takes faith to believe.  However, that trust is in what God had Moses pen.  Our Creator was there at the beginning and He knows better than man’s speculations. 

A whole world of understanding becomes clear and makes sense with simple faith in what God says happened.  God said it, so believe it!

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  2 For by it the elders obtained a good report.  3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” Heb 11:1-3

Three Heavens
J. Vernon McGee

God called the firmament Heaven.  This is not heaven as you and I think of it.  Actually, three heavens are mentioned in Scripture.

The Lord Jesus spoke of the birds of heaven, which I think is the heaven mentioned in Genesis 1:8.  Then, there are the stars of heaven, meaning the second heaven.  The third heaven is where God dwells.  So, the first layer up there is the deck where the clouds are and where the birds fly.

Back to Step One
Bill Brinkworth

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis.  1:1

STEP ONE: “Let me understand, you believe that all living things on Earth started when two chemicals somehow got together and changed into something more advanced?  That life changed or evolved into something more complex and developed?”

“Yes, basically, that is what happened over millions of years?”

“Hmm.  So, these chemicals got together after many accidents and failures and finally became an advanced combination of some more developed type?  Then how did it duplicate itself?”

“Well, it had to start all over again.”

STEP TWO: “So after, say 100,000 years of ‘accidents’ and returning to STEP ONE, these chemicals finally produced, by chance, a more advanced compound that duplicated itself.  Then the next step would be for this ‘duplicating chemical’ to create another advancement like the ability to sense something that may be a danger to itself, like direct sunlight that could dry it out, or heat that could kill it.”

“Something like that.  It makes sense.”

“So, let’s think this out logically.  After failing to develop a system in this chemical to protect itself, it had to keep returning to STEP TWO for 100’s of thousands of years before this ‘chemical’ finally got it right by accident.  Finally, there was a chemical that could duplicate itself and protect itself from something before something in its environment killed it.  Perhaps this developing chemical had to start all over and return to STEP ONE.

“So now to develop into something more advanced, say a motion like rolling or swimming, it would take a whole bunch of 100’s of thousands of years for this duplicating, self-protecting compound, after returning to STEP THREE, to be able to move.”

“Well, those 100’s of thousands of years may have been millions of years, they say.”

“Oh, I see, so it was probably much longer to get to STEP THREE.  I just used 100’s of thousands to make the number smaller so I could somehow grasp your theory.  By the way, is there any proof of these improvements or transitions?”

“No, I don’t believe there are any.  There are just intelligent people’s suppositions and theories.”

“Hmm.  This basic starting block had to have more developments, like feeding itself, recognition, and senses.  So conservatively, that is three more important functions, chemical changes, and a lot of returning to STEP FOUR, FIVE, SIX, and maybe even back to STEP ONE.  So, using conservative numbering, we’re up to about one million years.  Then this ‘accidental’ chemical would eventually progress into a living organism with 100’s of thousands of cells, bodily, and chemical functions added to it.  That would put us conservatively at 11,000,000 years, again using my 100,000 years as a base.

“Then if this creature, by chance and a whole lot of ‘visits’ to STEPs ONE through 100,000 were to develop into a more advanced creature, it would have more bodily functions such as cell reproduction, nerves, white cells to fight infection, chemical transportation of hundreds of chemicals, more senses, maybe some organs and glands, reproduction of tissues and all chemicals/hormones involved, brain development with its millions of cells and functions, memorization, blood and all its functions, ability to break down and disperse food to the body, and an ability to reproduce this organism that is actually like itself.   This creature would conservatively have 100’s of thousands more functions.  So after 100,000 ‘trips’ back to at least STEP 1000, plus all the original returns to previous STEPS, that would perhaps put it at 11,012,000,000 (11 billion+) years to develop.

“Then this species would supposedly change into other forms.  I don’t think anybody knows how many intermediary steps there would have to be with at least 100,000 improvements.  Say it were only five steps until it developed into a man.  That would put man’s evolving to around 50 billion)years.

“Now the human body has easily 100’s of thousands of other functions including hair growth, thousands of enzymes that control chemical and other functions, cell growth and reproduction, advanced organs, memory, sight, hearing, taste, muscles, billions of cells, millions of nerves, food consumption, fighting off more diseases, glands, layers of skins, healing abilities for most parts of the body, ability to reproduce with a male or female, …..  So that human ‘step’ would easily be another 10 billion years.  That would put us at 60 billion years — roughly.

“Oh, my word.  And if something went wrong, a disease, or accidental death, or inability to handle something in the environments development of man would have to go back to STEP ONE again and start all over for another 60 billion years.”

“Well, there’s no real proof of all these steps you said, but it makes sense.”

“And there is no proof for evolutionists’ assumptions or theories?  Hmm.  But officially, they claim man is between 2.4 and 7 million years old, of which there is no actual proof of any chemical, tissue, bodily developments of the human body and other transitionary phases (except for a few fragments of bone and certainly not even a complete skull or skeleton).  Let’s not forget that mutations of an organism, which is what they are saying have happened to the different parts of the body, have never been known to reproduce themselves. 

Also, trusting that all this happened to develop into man denies many scientific laws, such as the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics.  The Theory of Evolution is man’s idea, and not too many of these ‘scientists’ can agree with each other’s theories of how we got here without God’s intervention.  In addition, there is no proof of all these ideas.

“Man alive.  Sooo, if anyone believes any of this, they have to have a lot of faith in men’s notions.  One that believes this ‘Theory of Evolution’ laughs in the face of real science and must have more faith to believe this fairy tale than anyone I have ever met!”

My “scientific,” evolution-believing acquaintance got very quiet and had a very glazed look.

“Believing God’s explanation of His creation makes more sense, answers thousands of man’s questions, and is more scientific than man’s “science.”

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